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Training Route: “Data Center Specialist”

Your route to become a Data Center Specialist

In response to many requests, the DCE academy has established a Data Center Specialist training programme. In cooperation with international recognized specialists we offer sequential practice-oriented seminars basing on EN 50600, which will become an ISO standard in the future. We will provide the exemplary training path following. Additional seminars based on this training can be arranged depending on the technical focus. It's also possible to create your individual package with us.

Data Center Specialist

with Certificate


Data Center Operations – Professional

Optimization of operation of existing & new data centers

In this three-day course we give managers, operators and employees of high availability data centers a deep understanding of the neccessary processes and systems through best practices and case studies. Its aim is to operate the complex technical environment of a data center under the premise of high availability efficiently and effectively in accordance to DIN EN 50600.

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DEEP DIVE - Energy supply & air conditioning in accordance to EN 50600

Energieversorgung und Klimatisierung als wesentliche Erfolgsfaktoren

Energy supply and air conditioning are the key success factors to a well-functioning data center. There are various possibilities for both trades that will be presented and realized in detail.

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Data Center Design & Auditing according to EN 50600 and TSI.STANDARD of TÜViT

Best practices for planning and auditing

Best practices for planning and auditing in accordance to EN 50600 combined with the expertise and quality of TÜViT

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Acquire a TSI.PROFESSIONAL status

Assessment and certification in accordance to TSI

With the completion of the training route Data Center Specialist, you meet the conditions to acquire a TSI.PROFESSIONAL status of TÜViT. DCE academy offers the respective TSI.PROFESSIONAL training with the subsequent official examination. The training will convey to you all neccessary information on assessment and certification of highly available IT infrastructures in accordance to Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) in the context of DIN EN 50600.

The participants can close the training with an optional examination and acquire a TSI.PROFESSIONAL status by meeting defined requirements.

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