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DCE academy

The DCE academy is specialized in seminars and certifications in the field of data centers and building automation.

DCE academy

A dynamic market calls for dynamic knowledge transfer. The convergence of IT, security and communication technology raises new questions every day – the DCE academy provides the answers.

With a completely new educational concept we do not just absorb the speed of change in our trainings and workshops - we're one step ahead.

The DCE academy is specialized for seminars and certifications in the field of data centers and building automation. Our claim is to impart latest knowledge in a practical way.

Our experts partake in current projects and in various working groups as well as in standard devel- opment - such as the EN 50600 or TIA-942. New international standards for data centers are being created here so that we can offer you today access to the technology of tomorrow.

EN 50600

The DCE academy is the exclusive sponsor of the ISO / IEC 22237 working group, which is developing the new standard. This way, you get first-hand information on the internationalization of the EN 50600 standard.

Training Path to Data Center Specialist™

Train the data center experts of tomorrow!

Overcome the skills shortage with our specialized training path to Data Center Specialist.

The training path to Data Center Specialist™ has the clear goal of shaping professionals in the data center industry who are well-versed in both theory and practice. We want our graduates to have the ability to plan, operate, and optimize modern data centers efficiently and effectively. We emphasize that they understand the current challenges of the industry and are capable of developing innovative solutions.

Whether you are already active in the industry and want to deepen your knowledge, or if you are new to this field and are looking for a solid foundation – our training path to Data Center Specialist™ is the key to your professional development in the data center sector.

Data Center Specialist

This training path ensures that your employees not only understand the technical aspects of data centers but also acquire the skills and knowledge to manage them efficiently and effectively.

Learn more about the training path to Data Center Specialist™ here

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