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Data Center Migration – from existing to new build (IT)

Navigate safely through the complex journey of data center migration.

About the seminar

Migrating a data center is one of the most complex and critical tasks in the IT sector. It's not just about moving hardware from one place to another. It's about ensuring data integrity, minimizing downtime, and ensuring that all systems run smoothly after migration.

In our five-day seminar "Data Center Migration – from existing to new construction (IT)", we offer you a comprehensive guide to this process up to the operation of systems and applications. Based on real case studies and best practices, you will learn how to securely and efficiently migrate your IT infrastructure to a new data center.

Why is this seminar important for you?

Strategic Planning:

Every migration starts with careful planning. We will discuss the various migration strategies (such as Lift & Shift, Full Migration, BigBang, Transformation,...) and help you identify the best one for your company.

Technical Challenges:

From the physical relocation of hardware to ensuring network connectivity including security technology and communication relationships (firewall rules), to data integrity - we will thoroughly examine the technical challenges of migration.

Risk Management:

Every migration carries risks. Learn how to identify potential pitfalls and how to take precautions to minimize them.

Practical Application:

Using real case studies and workshops, you will put theory into practice and develop a deep understanding of the migration process.

On the first day, we will focus on the basics of data center migration and introduce the various migration strategies. Throughout the week, we will delve deeper into technical and organizational aspects. Topics such as tendering, financial management, and stakeholder/management will also be covered. You will learn how to plan, execute, and monitor a migration from start to finish. You will be accompanied by our experts who will share their experiences and best practices with you.

At the end of the seminar, you will not only be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of data center migration but also with the tools and knowledge to successfully carry out your own migration.

Data Center Migration – from existing to new build (IT)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different migration approaches and their pros and cons.
  • Recognize potential pitfalls and learn how to avoid them.
  • Acquire practical skills in installation, cabling, and commissioning.
  • Learn how to conduct effective reporting and project management for your migration.

Seminar contents

  • Examination of migration strategies: Lift & Shift vs. Buy New & Parallel Build.
  • The importance of a lab environment: Should you have one?
  • Introduction and implementation of the layer model for reporting.
  • Discussion on the success factor: Role - IT - Bridgehead.

Target audience

The seminar is aimed at experienced professionals in the data center sector, including operations managers, ICT managers, project managers, and consultants. Prior experience in data center projects or the "Data Center Specialist" qualification is required.

EN 50600

The DCE academy is the exclusive sponsor of the ISO / IEC 22237 working group, which is developing the new standard. This way, you get first-hand information on the internationalization of the EN 50600 standard.

Information & Dates

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18.11.2024 - 22.11.2024
Frankfurt am Main
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12.05.2025 - 16.05.2025
Frankfurt am Main
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17.11.2025 - 21.11.2025
Frankfurt am Main
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Part of the training path Data Center Specialist™

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