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Training Path to Data Center Specialist™

Your journey to becoming a certified data center specialist.

Dive into the world of data centers and acquire profound knowledge with our structured training path.

Your journey to becoming a data center expert

In the constantly evolving world of technology, data centers are the backbone of digital transformation. With the training path to Data Center Specialist™, the DCE academy offers a unique and comprehensive series of courses that prepare you for the challenges and requirements of modern data centers.

Our training path is not just a collection of seminars, but a carefully curated journey that takes you from the basics to advanced knowledge and skills in the data center sector. Each seminar builds on the previous one, ensuring that you gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Future-oriented training based on EN 50600

The EN 50600, which will soon achieve ISO standard status, forms the foundation of our training. This ensures that you acquire not only current but also future-oriented knowledge.

By combining theory and practice, supported by case studies and real-world examples, we guarantee that at the end of the training path you will possess not just a certificate, but also the confidence and skills to succeed in the world of data centers.

Your key to professional advancement

Whether you are already active in the industry and want to deepen your knowledge, or if you are new to this field and are looking for a solid foundation – our training path to Data Center Specialist™ is the key to your professional development in the data center sector.

Data Center Specialist

Goals of the Training Path

The training path to Data Center Specialist™ has the clear goal of shaping professionals in the data center industry who are well-versed in both theory and practice. We want our graduates to have the ability to plan, operate, and optimize modern data centers efficiently and effectively. We emphasize that they understand the current challenges of the industry and are capable of developing innovative solutions. Another goal is to provide participants with a network of industry experts and like-minded individuals to promote exchange and continuous development.

Target Audience

Our training path is designed for a wide range of professionals who are active in the data center industry or are seeking entry into this dynamic sector. This includes IT managers, operations managers, project managers, consultants, architects, building planners, equipment suppliers, and installers. Career changers aiming for a career in the data center sector will also benefit from this comprehensive course offering. The content is designed for both experienced professionals looking to update and deepen their knowledge, as well as newcomers seeking a solid foundation in the data center industry.

EN 50600

The DCE academy is the exclusive sponsor of the ISO / IEC 22237 working group, which is developing the new standard. This way, you get first-hand information on the internationalization of the EN 50600 standard.

The Training Path in Detail:


Seminar 1:

Data Center – General Principles

A fundamental overview of the essential terminologies, trades, key concepts, standards, trends, and best practices in the data center.


Seminar 2:

Data Center Design & Auditing according to EN 50600 and TSI.STANDARD of TÜVIT

Best practices for designing and auditing according to EN 50600 combined with the expertise and quality of TÜVIT


Seminar 3:

Data Center Operations – Professional

Best practices and case studies provide a deep understanding of the necessary processes and systems to operate a data center efficiently and effectively.


Seminar 4:

DEEP DIVE – Energy supply & air conditioning in accordance to EN 50600

Best practices and case studies provide a deep understanding of the two major trades in the data center.

With certificate:

Data Center Specialist™

With conclusion of the last seminar you automatically become a Data Center Specialist™.


Seminar 5:

Data Center Migration – from existing to new build (IT)

Navigate safely through the complex journey of data center migration.


Seminar 6:

Data Center Sustainability & Efficiency

Legal foundations, criteria catalogs, developments, and technical solutions

With certificate:

Data Center Advanced Specialist™

With conclusion of the last seminar you automatically become a Data Center Advanced Specialist™.

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