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Practical introduction for engineers and technicians

Building automation, control and regulation technology (MSR) for building operators and engineeers

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Practical introduction for engineers and technicians

A comprehensive introduction for engineers and technicians who aim to understand the interface between IT and facility management.

Did you know that a major part of today's employed HVAC technology is not optimal functioning, malfunctioning or doesn't provide the neccessary data for a resource-efficient mode of operation?

Unfortunately this observation is being continually confirmed through inspection of operating facilites. Increasingly valuable resources are being wasted that way, the comfort of these facilies is more compromised and costs to the users' wallets are greater than neccessary.

Taking into account that the deployment of digital MSR technology (DDC) as a part of building automation is obligatory today, it becomes clear that the major benefits of this technology are still not adequately considered.

This training aims to change that. WE show you advantages and possibilities of modern DDC technology and enable you to implement is efficiently and professionally in your future designs.

For whom is this course suited?

This training is designed for specialist planners of utility and TGA, electrical planner and IT personnel, who want to take their professional knowledge in the field of building automation (BCS and DDC) to the next level.

Contents of the training

  1. Fundamentals of regulation technology in utility
  2. Introduction to control technology including exercise in the simulator
  3. Regulation and control strategies for HVAC systems
  4. Introduction to building automation
  5. Introduction to building automation, BACnet
  6. Building control technology, optimization programs, visualization
  7. Building control technology & couplings

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