Seminar and workshop

Data center basic principles

We make the quality of data centers measurable. The new European standard EN 50600: Information technology - facilities and infrastructures of data centers, which is the first European standard to cover all aspects of a data center across all trades and which recently mastered the first step towards ISO status (ISO / IEC MPTS 222 37-x assigned) is the Basis for this practical training. Trade for trade, you work out planning approaches in a team. The DCE academy is a sponsor of the ISO / IEC 22237 working group. You benefit from the latest information and developments relating to the standard.

About the course

The aim of the three-day seminar is to give employees who are not yet familiar with the subject of data centers a basic overview of the essential terminology, trades, standards (EN 50600) and trends in the data center area. In addition, the technical basics of the trades, power supply, air conditioning and fire protection and cabling are worked out in exercises in groups.

Your benefits

  • Practical training through acclaimed experts and collaborative workshop concept.
  • Campact basic teaching
  • LIVE data center tour with an explanation of the previously treated content at Equinix

Target Group

Participation is open to all employees, managers in the data center area, sales employees, operations managers, ICT managers, project managers, general contractors, consultants, architects, building planners and builders, equipment suppliers and installers who want to update or deepen their knowledge.

Die DCE academy ist exklusiver Sponsor der Arbeitsgruppe ISO / IEC 22237, die den neuen Standard entwickelt. Sie erhalten so Informationen aus erster Hand zur Internationalisierung der Norm EN 50600.

Data Center – General principles

Contents of the course

  1. Enterprise/Colo/Hosting/Edge/Cloud/private/public etc.
  2. Parameters of data centers
  3. Structure of a data center => EN50600
  4. Redundancy concepts
  5. Physics of a data center
  6. Electrical engineering
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Buildings
  9. Fire protection
  10. Cabeling according to EN 50600
  11. Data center management

Dates & Registration

3 Days
3,570 € (VAT excluded)
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3 Days
3,570 € (VAT excluded)
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3 Days
Frankfurt am Main
3,570 € (VAT excluded)
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Part of the training path Data Center Specialist™