Seminar & workshop

Best practices for planning and auditing in accordance to EN 50600 combined with the expertise and quality of TÜViT

We make data centre quality measurable. The new European standard EN 50600: Information technology - Data center establishements and infrastructures is the first European standard to cover all aspects of a data center and has recently mastered the first step towards ISO status (ISO / IEC MPTS 222 37-x). It forms the basis for this practical training. You will develop step by step planning approaches in a team.

The course is complemented by the introduction to the internationally recognized TSI.STANDARDS (Trusted Site Infrastructure) of TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT). It's designed to address independent manufacturers as well as independent criteria and requirements for the admission, evaluation and certification of highly available data center infrastructures, also in the context of EN 50600.

We offer this training exclusively in Germany.

About the course

Advantage through information – today's companies rely on their data centers around the clock. This five-day course covers everything you need to know on best practices on the realisation of data centers with highest availablity. On that account the following data center standards will be covered: TIA, CENELEC and ISO/EC. During the training the most important werden die wichtigsten installation requirements and guidelines on the realisation of a design will be discussed and developed in a workshop. This training is based on the EN 50600 norm standard: Information technology – Implementation and infrastructure of data centers. To guarantee the practice-oriented transfer of the training input, the training takes place in the DataCenterModel. It includes an exclusive guided tour through the Equinix data center.

Your benefits

  • Practical content communication by expert trainers
  • Classification of legal consequences of EN 50600
  • Practical design exercises & live audit of a data center
  • EN 50600 certificate

Target Group

Every data center employee and manager, operations manager, IT manager, project manager, general contractor, consultant, architect, building planner and builder, equipment supplier and installer is invited to participate to update or deepen their knowledge.

Die DCE academy ist exklusiver Sponsor der Arbeitsgruppe ISO / IEC 22237, die den neuen Standard entwickelt. Sie erhalten so Informationen aus erster Hand zur Internationalisierung der Norm EN 50600.

Data Center Design & Auditing according to EN 50600 and TSI.STANDARD of TÜViT

Contents of the course

  1. Determining the ideal location for a data center
  2. Creating an optimized floor plan layout for IT and technical rooms
  3. Designing Class 1 - 4, N, N + 1 and 2N redundancy and availability models
  4. Planning a stable energy supply
  5. Optimizing cooling methods to to achieve maximum efficiency
  6. Understanding different terms in international DC projects
  7. Detailed requirement for the certification of data centers
  8. Creating a security plan
  9. Auditing and certifying data center availability in regard to relevant standards
  10. Live audit with guide through the Equinix data center
  11. With card game CAPEX / OPEX, power supply and air conditioning

Dates & Registration

5 Days
Frankfurt am Main
5,950 € (VAT excluded)
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5 Days
Frankfurt am Main
5,950 € (VAT excluded)
jetzt anmelden

Part of the training path Data Center Specialist™