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Energy supply and air conditioning as key success factors

Energy supply and air conditioning are the key success factors to a well-functioning data center. There are various possibilities for both trades that will be presented and realized in detail.

Once put into operation it's the prime object to prevent failure. There are monitoring, early warning and forecasting systems for this which detect possible faults and sources of error in advance and avoid outages.

About the course

The first part of the seminar and practical training is all about secure energy supply. We start with an introduction to the available technologies. Grounding and EMC concepts and selectivity ensue. Material as a part on measuring concepts, prevention, prognosis und KPIs, which we illustrate through practical exercises. Finally a teamwork design exercise on vulnerability analysises follows.

The agenda of the second training part is similar. After an introduction to the technology such as cold water sytems, direct expansion systems and hybrid systems, condiguration parameters will be worked out in groups. Measuring concepts, data analysis and relevant KPIs to climate control are introduced through examples. A final teamwork design exercise on vulnerability regarding climate control ensues.

Afterwards you'll receive a tour through the Equinix data center, one of the most expansive data centers in Europe.

Your benefits

  • Data center operators deliver their experiences in operation business-critical data centers descriptively and through case studies.
  • Get an overview on pros and cons of different design approaches of the two critical systems energy and climate from the operator view.
  • Direkter Erfahrungsaustausch unter Einbeziehung von langjährigen Experten im Rechenzentrumsumfeld.

Target Group

This training is designed for planners, consultants, echnical and managerial personnel in the data center field and all companies that are involved with tasks in the data center.

Die DCE academy ist exklusiver Sponsor der Arbeitsgruppe ISO / IEC 22237, die den neuen Standard entwickelt. Sie erhalten so Informationen aus erster Hand zur Internationalisierung der Norm EN 50600.

DEEP DIVE – Energy supply & air conditioning in accordance to EN 50600

Contents of the course

  1. Detailled introduction to climate control and cooling concepts
  2. Detailled introduction to energy supply concepts
  3. Preventive error detection and troubleshooting
  4. Introduction of relevant energy and climate KPIs
  5. Netzformanalyse & Messkonzepte
  6. Selektivitätsbetrachtung
  7. Thermodynamik
  8. h,x Diagramm
  9. Druckverlustberechnung

Dates & Registration

5 Days
Frankfurt am Main
5,950 € (VAT excluded)
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Part of the training path Data Center Specialist™