EN 50600

The new european norm EN 50600 that spans all trades and aspects of a data center.

DCE academy

The DCE academy is specialized for seminars and certifications in the field of data centers and building automation.

The new European standard EN 50600: Information technology - Data center establishements and infrastructures is the first European standard to cover all aspects of a data center and has recently mastered the first step towards ISO status (ISO / IEC MPTS 222 37-x).

Therefore we deliver our trainings at Equinix training facilities including a data center site tour. Our experts partake in current projects and in various working groups as well as in standard development - such as the EN 50600 or TIA-942. New international standards for data centers are being created here so that we can offer you today access to the technology of tomorrow.

EN 50600 Certificate

Exclusive at DCE academy

Alle Teilnehmer einer EN 50600-Schulung haben im Anschluss die Möglichkeit in einer Prüfung das exklusive DCE academy EN 50600-Zertifikat zu erwerben.

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