Seminar and Workshop

Planning, specifications, selection, operation, AI, practical examples

Edge Computing is far more than a new hype – it's vital to many applications as a supplement to large-scale central data centers and cloud solutions. Alongside new IoT applications or streaming large data amounts this also concerns network and server rooms of public authorities, small-sized companies, factories and subsidiaries or large companies. Notional seemingly merely old wine in new bottles – but with a far more ambitious requirement profile.

The most usual task is to get IT fit for the accelerating digitization of all business processes and things, driven by new AI applications. This results into growing demands for performance, availability and security. Often existing IT space doesn't suffice the demand anymore.

Micro data centers are an increasingly common alternative to extensive expansion and restructuring of rooms and building technology.

About the course

In this course you will learn what is involved with edge computing, about the respective drivers and typical applications. To that we work out the neccessary knowledge to safely plan, specify, chose and operate micro data centers according to EN 50600.

The focus of day three is the energy supply of micro data centers, with practical examples, remote monitoring and AI.

Participants can bring their own application case and work out the fundaments of a solution.

Your benefits

  • Practical training through acclaimed experts and collaborative workshop concept.
  • You gain the ability to conduct your project „micro data center“ in accordance to EN 50600 independently, safely and successfully.
  • The venue at Equinix in Frankfurt guarantees a practice-oriented transfer of the training input.

Target Group

This training is designed for employees and managers in the fields of data centers, networks, operations manager, IuK manager, project manager, general contractors, consultants, equipment suppliers and installers who want to gain the basic knowledge of implementing micro data centers independently.

Micro Data Center for Edge Computing

Contents of the course

  1. Edge Computing: drivers, applications, data center types
  2. Overview on applications and architecture of micro data centers
  3. Pros and Cons in comparison to conventional architecture
  4. Micro data centers: Planning, selection and operation
  5. Understanding application, determination of basic data sets, energy supply, availability, remote monitoring, fire protection, IT management
  6. AI and machine learning/deep learning
  7. Manufacturer overview

Dates & Registration

4 Days
Frankfurt am Main
4,760 € (VAT excluded)
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4 Days
Frankfurt am Main
4,760 € (VAT excluded)
jetzt anmelden