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Certificate for successful completion of the training path:

Data Center Advanced Specialist™

Details about the certificate:

The 'Data Center Advanced Specialist' qualification represents an extension of the established 'Data Center Specialist™' certificate, offered by the DCE academy. It is aimed at graduates of the 'Data Center Specialist' program who wish to further enhance their expertise and skills. Achieving this qualification requires the successful completion of two additional expert seminars: 'Data Center Migration - From Existing to New Build' and 'Sustainability in the Data Center'.

These specialized seminars are designed to impart deeper knowledge and practical skills in particularly relevant areas of the data center industry. 'Data Center Migration' focuses on planning, executing, and managing the migration processes from existing to new data centers, while 'Sustainability in the Data Center' addresses strategies and technologies to increase energy efficiency and reduce the ecological footprint of data centers.

Graduates who attain the 'Data Center Advanced Specialist' qualification thus demonstrate not only an advanced understanding of the technical and operational aspects of data centers but also a commitment to sustainability and forward-thinking practices in the industry. This qualification confirms that the holder is highly qualified to tackle complex challenges in the data center industry and to assume leading roles in planning, migration, and sustainable development of data centers.

The certificate is valid indefinitely.

Certificate DCE academy

The Training Path in Detail:


Seminar 1:

Data Center – General Principles

A fundamental overview of the essential terminologies, trades, key concepts, standards, trends, and best practices in the data center.


Seminar 2:

Data Center Design & Auditing according to EN 50600 and TSI.STANDARD of TÜVIT

Best practices for designing and auditing according to EN 50600 combined with the expertise and quality of TÜVIT


Seminar 3:

Data Center Operations – Professional

Best practices and case studies provide a deep understanding of the necessary processes and systems to operate a data center efficiently and effectively.


Seminar 4:

DEEP DIVE – Energy supply & air conditioning in accordance to EN 50600

Best practices and case studies provide a deep understanding of the two major trades in the data center.

With certificate:

Data Center Specialist™

With conclusion of the last seminar you automatically become a Data Center Specialist™.


Seminar 5:

Data Center Migration – from existing to new build (IT)

Navigate safely through the complex journey of data center migration.


Seminar 6:

Data Center Sustainability & Efficiency

Legal foundations, criteria catalogs, developments, and technical solutions

With certificate:

Data Center Advanced Specialist™

With conclusion of the last seminar you automatically become a Data Center Advanced Specialist™.

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